Dakota Gasification Plant
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The reason the Great Plains Synfuels Plant is so successful are the people who work here. Despite many obstacles during the early years, local communities supported Dakota Gas employees in their efforts to:

Dave Knoll
  • operate a stable, financially viable plant;
  • seek out and develop commercial coproducts from lignite coal;
  • provide clean and safe working conditions;
  • contribute to Basin Electric's bottom line;
  • enhance America's energy independence; and
  • contribute to a healthy environment for everyone.

It's been a long haul, but the plant is safer, cleaner and more productive than at any time in its history. That's due to pride. Pride in the work well done. Pride in the products produced. Pride in the teamwork that accomplishes it.

Coal gasification is a 24/7 operation. Many employees have worked more than 20 years on the job. They've raised their families in small towns and supported schools, churches and farm communities in counties surrounding the plant site. Now, their sons and daughters are returning home for a job in energy. Dakota Gas is proud to be able to open our doors to a new generation of workers committed to providing clean energy for all rural Americans.


Each year the 700-plus employees of the Synfuels Plant contribute time, energy, talent and dollars to the communities surrounding the plant. In turn, those communities provide a network of local support that keeps families and friends together. Dakota Gas is committed to the people, industries, farms, ranches and businesses in our rural area. That commitment extends to the safety and security of area citizens and property, and the health and well-being of our employees and their families and communities.

The Great Plains Synfuels Plant may be a great place to work, but the communities of Bismarck, Beulah-Hazen, Stanton and other towns are a great place to live. Our employees choose to live where they work and that fact is the basis for all true community.

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