Dakota Gasification Plant
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Dakota Gasification Company's parent company, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, is a regional wholesale generation and transmission cooperative that supplies electricity to its member-owners in nine states. Dakota Gas is one of eight subsidiaries under the Basin Electric umbrella.

Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Sukut

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Dave Sauer

Plant Management

Vice President of Strategic Studies     

Bob Fagerstrom

Tel: 701.557.4414

Plant Manager

Dale Johnson

Tel: 701.873.2100

Tours and plant site Information

Joan Dietz, Communications

Tel: 701.873.6667
Fax: 701.873.6404

Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Steve Liebelt

Tel: 701.221.4418
Email: DGC Marketing
Toll: 888.342.3378
Fax: 701.221.4450

Health, Safety & Environmental

A.T. Funkhouser, HS&E Manager

Tel: 701.873.6126

Human Resource Department

Erica Petrowitz, Human Resources

Tel: 701.873.2100

Board of Directors

Dakota Gasification Company directors meet each month in conjunction with parent company and other subsidiary meetings at Basin Electric Headquarters in Bismarck, ND. Dakota Gas internal directors also serve as directors on the parent company board with the exception of three external directors: Jim Geringer, Thomas Owens and Alan Klein.


Don Applegate

Vice Chairman

Arden Fuher


Allen Thiessen


Kermit Pearson
Gary Drost

External directors

Jim Geringer
Thomas Owens
Alan Klein

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Media contacts

Curt Pearson
Manager of Media and Communications Relations

Mary Miller
Director of Communications and Creative Services

Department contact:
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Tours and plant info

Joan Dietz, Communications Specialist
Tel: 701.873.6667
Fax: 701.873.6404


Dakota Gasification Company Headquarters
1600 East Interstate Avenue
PO Box 5540
Bismarck, ND
Tel: 701.221.4400

Dakota Gasification Company Great Plains Synfuels Plant
420 County Rd 26
Beulah, ND

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