Paul Sukut

Paul Sukut

Chief executive officer and general manager

Employed with Basin Electric since 1983; experience in the energy industry since 1979; B.A. business administration and political science, Jamestown (ND) College, M.S. accounting and tax, University of North Dakota; Certified Public Accountant.

Dave Sauer

Dave Sauer

Chief operating officer and senior vice president, Dakota Gasification Company

Employed with Basin Electric since 1989; former manager of Great Plains Synfuels Plant; bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, North Dakota State University, Fargo. A for-profit subsidiary of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Dakota Gasification Company (Dakota Gas) owns and operates the Great Plains Synfuels Plant (Synfuels Plant) near Beulah, ND. The Synfuels Plant gasifies lignite coal to produce pipeline quality synthetic gas. Dakota Gas has one for-profit subsidiary, Souris Valley Pipeline LTD, which delivers a daily average of more than 152 MMSCF of CO2 to two Canadian oil fields for enhanced oil recovery and sequestration. 

Steve Liebelt

Steve Liebelt

Vice president of Marketing and Sales, Dakota Gas

Plant management

Plant manager
Dale Johnson
Phone: 701-873-2100

Tours and plant site information
Joan Dietz, Communications

Human Resources
Erica Petrowitz
Phone: 701-873-2100

Board of directors

Dakota Gasification Company directors meet each month in conjunction with parent company and other subsidiary meetings at Basin Electric Headquarters in Bismarck, ND. Dakota Gas internal directors also serve as directors on the parent company board with the exception of two external directors: Jim Geringer and Alan Klein.

Don Applegate

Vice chairman
Charlie Gilbert

Allen Thiessen

Kermit Pearson
Gary Drost

External directors
Jim Geringer
Alan Klein