International success story

Our story is one of innovation, struggle, persistence, commitment and excellence. Early years of construction and startup operations during the 1980s set in motion a grassroots commitment to provide clean, efficient, and affordable energy solutions and products for rural Americans.

We are also a world-class energy company. In decades past, the Synfuels Plant proved to be a survivor - a unique enterprise that has withstood both political and economic storms, changes in ownership and management, and periods of volatile commodity price fluctuations.

Through it all, employees stood fast and made operational changes and adjusted financial strategies so that today we can say the Synfuels Plant is an international energy success story on many levels.

We are also proud of our environmental compliance record. The State of North Dakota ranks Synfuels Plant emissions as the lowest and cleanest in the state.

Please take some time to review our history on these following pages, or order The Synfuels Energy Pioneers, a full-color history book about our company. The link to the form appears on the right column of every history page.

History of the Synfuels Plant

You can order a book published on the history of the Great Plains Synfuels Plant.

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