Souris Valley Pipeline Ltd.

Dakota Gasification Company has one for-profit subsidiary, Souris Valley Pipeline Ltd. In 1999, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, the parent company of Dakota Gas, invested more than $100 million to build the infrastructure and the pipeline that now delivers carbon dioxide (CO2) produced at the plant to two customers, Cenovus Energy and Cardinal Energy. The CO2 is transported through a 205-mile pipeline to Saskatchewan, Canada, where it is used for enhanced oil recovery in the Weyburn and Midale fields.

The first CO2 was sent to Canada in fall 2000. Dakota Gas currently exports up to 155 million cubic feet of CO2 per day to Canada - about two-thirds of the readily available CO2 when running at full rates.

The CO2 pipeline is 204.8 miles from Dakota Gas to the GoodWater Unit, which is part of Cenovus Energy's Weyburn oil field. Once the pipeline enters Canada it is known as the Souris Valley Pipeline for the area it passes through. The North Dakota segment of the pipeline system begins with the 14" pipe heading west out of Dakota Gas, paralleling an existing power line corridor and various section line roads.

The following is a downloadable Dakota Gas emergency procedure for the pipeline.

  • Souris Valley Pipeline Limited Emergency Management Plan - PDF
  • Souris Valley Pipeline Limited Emergency Response Procedure - Procedure No. 4322
Brochure for download