Dephenolized cresylic acid

Dakota Gasification Company's cresylic acid is a mixture of all three isomers of cresol along with xylenols, ethylphenols, and other ingredients. It is a brownish-colored liquid with a phenol-like medicinal odor. Dakota Gas extracts its cresylic acid from the gas liquor stream produced during the gasification process.

  • Dakota Gas produces up to 21 million pounds annually.
  • Cresylic acid produced through the gasification process creates fewer emissions than when produced from cracked petroleum oils.
  • Cresylic acid from Dakota Gas is used as a distillation feedstock to produce individual creosol isomers.
  • Dephenolized cresylic acid is also used in its raw form to produce wire enamel solvent.
  • Dakota Gas is ISO 9001 certified for cresylic acid as of November 2022.