Liquid carbon dioxide by pipeline

Dakota Gasification Company's carbon dioxide is produced from washing the syngas in our Rectisol unit. It has a purity of about 95%, with about 1% of the remaining 5% being hydrogen sulfide. Pure carbon dioxide is colorless and odorless, however, because of the impurities in our product there is a distinctive odor.

Dakota Gas and its Canadian subsidiary, Souris Valley Pipeline Ltd. (SVPL), operate a 205-mile carbon dioxide (CO2) pipeline to transport CO2 from the plant to Saskatchewan, Canada. Dakota Gas has three electric-driven, integral geared type centrifugal compressors. Each compressor has eight stages. Each compressor has a capacity of 55 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscf/d) and is driven by a 19,500 horsepower fixed-speed motor.

  • Dakota Gas exports up to 155 million standard cubic feet per day.
  • Used in tertiary or enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques.
  • Can be used for fracking, a technique of pumping pressurized CO2 into wells to shatter the rock and push out more oil and gas.