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In addition to synthetic natural gas, the Great Plains Synfuels Plant produces numerous products from the coal gasification process that have added great diversity to the plant's output.

Products that help enrich the environment include ammonium sulfate and anhydrous ammonia which are fertilizers that supply valuable nitrogen and sulfur nutrients for agricultural crops.

Other valuable products include phenol for the production of resins in the plywood industry, cresylic acid for the chemical industry, liquid nitrogen for refrigeration and oil field services, methanol for solvents, naphtha for gasoline blend stocks, and krypton and xenon gases for the nation's lighting industry

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For more information about our products, please see product profiles or contact Marketing & Sales.

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Product profiles

For a complete list, click here.

Product gains

Gasification coproducts such as anhydrous ammonia fertilizers, ammonium sulfate fertilizer, rare gases used in the lighting industry, phenols used in the plywood industry and cresylic acid used for wire coatings, and antioxidants and pesticides have become increasingly valuable.


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