Efficiency and Conservation

Dakota Gas follows the standard practice of its parent company, Basin Electric, concerning environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance: "Always have; always will."

Conservation begins at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant site near Beulah, ND, where land surrounding the plant is carefully returned to its original state with tree and grass plantings, weed control and top soil replacement. The flue gas desulfurization efforts of the 1990s have given Dakota Gas many valuable products to market while bringing plant emissions to the lowest and cleanest levels in North Dakota.

Efficiency is another standard practice for plant operations and product manufacture and marketing.

Basin Electric supports efforts to ensure energy security for the United States. We support goals and timetables that do not increase costs to consumers. With reasonable timetables and investments in technology, our energy industries can solve the problem without unreasonable costs to Americans.

When it comes to enhancing energy security, Basin Electric believes in a balanced approach. We are focused on ensuring that member cooperatives have reliable, affordable and clean power both now and in the future. Basin Electric has a diversified generation portfolio including wind, gas and waste heat.

Running all of our plants efficiently not only creates more gas, ammonia and electricity, it also means that less energy is used to make energy.